From citizen scientists to actuators of change: The transformative potential of citizen science

‘Citizen science ranges from stargazing to litter counts, species monitoring to storytelling’ (Dudley, 2016)
‘A critical mindset seeks to create ideas, not just apply them’ (Diego, 2018)
‘Due to its wider political interest, does citizen science provide a platform to enhance green citizenship?’ (Spratt, 2018)
‘The vastness of environmental problems has become too much for professional researchers to cover’ (Hengstream, 2018)
‘Citizen science is playing an important role in producing marine and coastal knowledge in Northern Ireland’ (Image Less Ordinary, 2017)
‘What citizen science is really about, is sustaining environments for the benefit of the people who interact with them’ (Peñaranda, 2018)

Research assistant at Queen's University Belfast

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